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Girish Syringe infusion pump AD'S 153

Quick Overview

* Freely Stackable:You freely stack one onto another to provide multiple solutions,combination solutions that have a wide range of clinical applications.
* Three Power Source:AC220050Hz,Internal Battery,12V car charge
* Digital LCD display:high capacity words,friendly user interface,dynamically
* display working status.
* Positive and Negative Shuttle Debugger:can freely regulate parameters.
* Mechanism Advantage of Push-Pull Rod:
* applicable to all domestic brands and all kinds of syringes.
* Operable with one hand in a No-Germ environment

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* Function to remove bubbles in the tube fast.
* Function to handle fast speed and large volume(bolus)
* The system automatically opens up KVO after injection(reopens vein circulation)
* Function to Preset Solution Volume:the user can preset solution volume.Themachine will automatically stop and start KVO function once the preset solution volume is finished.
* The machine automatically records the settings for last injection.It greatly reduces the workload for users.
* Function to Auto-Define a Syringe:complete calibration technology for syringe brand definition that ensures the compatibility of any syringe brand and injection accuracy.
* Voice Prompt and Voice Alarm Function:voice prompt and alarm will sound when injection is almost done,injection is finished,preset dosage is done,an
* injection blockage occurs,syringe device is improperly installed,a wrong speed is set,AC is unplugged,battery is close to zero.This further greatly reduces the workload of nurses(only available from our company)
Three Vein Infusion Models:
A.Time-Volume Mode:by setting the time and injection volume,the system does the injection after automatic speed calculation.
B.Dosage Weight Mode:by setting the volume,weight,medicament,dosage,the system does the injection after automatic speed calculation.
C.Esay Speed-Setting Mode:the normal one hospitals used.

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