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Girish BI-CLAMP Cable Cord for Vessel Sealing unit A.D. S:- 38

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Technical Specification:
* Material: 7 / 36 2core, PTFE insulated, silicon rubber insulated SPC Cable.
* O.D: (4MM).
* Color: Gray OR Blue
* Cable length: 3 meter.
* Jack PIN Size: 5 / 32 (4mm)
* Dimension: - one Side 2 Jack Pin with (T) junction and other side 2 female connector to insert the clamp (Universal designed).
* Packing: - Sealed in high quality P.V.C. plastic cover and packed in gray color envelop for high quality branded look & safety.
* Autoclavable (Reusable).

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* Made from high quality industrial grade imported material
* Designed to best perfection
* Complies with international quality.
* Easy to use and comfortable in operating.


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