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Fresenius Kabi - 4008h Hemo Dialysis Machine (Refurbished)

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Features :

• Size : 4008 S 1330 x 495 x 340 mm
• Weight : 80 kg

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Specifications :
• Our hemodialysis systems guarantee safety and efficiency of all important treatment modalities within the scope of renal replacement therapies, such as:
• Bicarbonate or acetate dialysis
• Single-Needle or single-needle click-clack
• Ultrafiltration and sodium profiles
• Isolated ultrafiltration / Bergström treatment
• Online-Hemo(dia)filtration
• The hemodialysis equipment can be adapted by the modular combination of extensive options to special therapy modalities.
• The automated acquisition, monitoring and control of specific patient and machine parameters provide the operator with continuous and precise assessment of the current treatment situation.
• The 4008S machine is available with 5 functional slots for slide-in modules


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