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Fresenius 2008H - Dialysis System (Refurbished)

Quick Overview

Features :
- Modular component design.
- Ultra precise volumetric UF control.
- Blood flow rates of 0 to 600 ml/min.
- Variable dialysis flow rates.
- Proven reliability.
- Automatic blood pressure monitoring (optional).
- Sodium Variation up to 15%.
- Computer interface (optional)

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Specifications :
* The 2008 Series hemo dialysis machine is designed to perform hemo dialysis in hospitals and dialysis clinics.
* It can be used for patients suffering chronic or acute renal failure.
* The Fresenius 2008 Kidney Dialysis Machine series were designed for flexibility.
* They all Equipped with advanced therapy options; ultra filtration, fixed proportioning, heat
* disinfecting, variable dialysis flow, and including automatic blood pressure monitoring as well as computer documentation capabilities.
* The Fresenius 2008 Hemo dialysis machine are designed to provide hemo dialysis treatment by controlling and monitoring both the dialysis and extracorporeal blood circuits.
* The Fresenius 2008 Hemo is indicated for acute and chronic dialysis therapy in an acute or chronic facility.
* The 2008 home is also indicated for hemo dialysis in the home and must be observed by a trained and qualified person as prescribed by their physician.

- Dimensions (DxWxH) 50cm x 50cm x 114cm
- Weight 70 kg (155 lbs.)
- Voltage 110 vac 50/60 hz
- Current 12 amps max
- Power 1350 watt @110 vac
- Plug configuration NEMA 5-15 P


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