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Flight-Medical 60 Transport and ICU Ventilator

Quick Overview

* Features security alarm system
* Airway pressure alarm limit setting range
* Lower limit range of 0.4 to 2.0 kPa
* Minute ventilation alarm limit
* Comes with powerful intelligent continuous positive airway pressure device
* Suitable for home and clinic therapy applications
* Powerful intelligent control for improved usage
* Provides patients more safety and comfort
* Provide for fine therapeutic effect
* Provide for economic usage
* Comes with positive end expiratory pressure, inspiratory trigger pressure

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* Automation Grade: Automatic
* Application: Clinical Purpose,Hospital
* Type: Digital
* Modes of ventilation: CMV(VC), SIMV(VC), AV(PC), AV(VC), CMV(PC)
* Operation Mode: Battery Operated, Electricity Operated
* Condition: New
* Patient Age Group: Adult


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