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Flamingo Flamiband (Elastic Crepe Bandage) 4mtr streched length (Width : 15cm) OC 2108


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Some of the highlights of Flamingo Flamiband (Elastic Crepe Bandage) - 5cm are as follows:
* Combination of cotton & stretch material
* Sustained compression
* Excellent fitting
* Durable standards
* Uniform & permanent elasticity
* Well adaptable to joints and rounded body parts

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Size(width x length) : 15 cm x 4m

Flamiband (Elastic Crepe Bandage) - 5cm is being offered in the market by Flamingo Health, which is one of the most trusted brands dealing in the domain of Healthcare and Orthopaedic Products. The crepe bandage is made using 99% cotton and 1% elastic, with the aid of sophisticated technology. Our team of production experts ensures to manufacture Flamingo Flamiband (Elastic Crepe Bandage) - 5cm with precise measurements, 5cm width wise and 4m length wise, when stretched.

It is a superior quality elastic crepe bandage, which has non fraying edges. Flamiband (Elastic Crepe Bandage) - 5cm is widely appreciated for its uniform and constant elasticity as well as excellent dermophyllic properties. It should be taken into consideration that while wrapping it around the body part, each new layer must cover one-third or two-third of the previous layer neatly.


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