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Fibroheal Ag 10X25cm


Quick Overview

* Dermatological safe
* Effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms through recommended wear time
* Forms protective, breathable barrier
* Moisturizes and protects peri-wound skin
* Maintains a moist environment for faster wound healing
* Dermis proliferation leading to high cell attachment and tissue regeneration
* Creates and maintains a environment that is favorable for healing and re-epithelialisation
* Reduced healing time and scar formation
* Superior pain index
* Ease of application and detachment from the wound* Standard Packing : 10 sheets packed in a carton
* Clean the wound thoroughly with an antiseptic after debridement of the wound surface
* Take out Fibroheal Ag sheet from the inner pouch
* Cover the wound with Fibroheal Ag sheet with red sticker facing outside away from the wound contact surface
* If required, use dressing to secure the Fibroheal Ag sheet to the wound surface
* Each Fibroheal Ag sheet should be used for single application only
* For chronic cases, the Fibroheal Ag sheet may be changed once a week after the debridement of the wound surface

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Specifications :
* Fibroheal Ag 10X25cm
* Fibroheal Ag is a sterile, reinforced non mammalian source wound dressing composed of Fibroin (Silk protein), Asiaticosides and Silver oxide. Effective against a broad spectrum of micro-organisms through recommended wear time.
* Composition : Each sheet contains
* Asiaticoside (From Centella Asiatica Extract) - NLT 0.6% W/W
* Rajat Bhasma (Silver Oxide) - 1.2%
* Activated Silk Matrix - 46%
* Solubilizer And Humectants - Q.S.


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