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Eve Stephan Emergency Ventilator

Quick Overview

* EVE-NEO is ready for operation without prior complex calibration processes as in an emergency every seconds counts.
* it is easily adjustable to the little patient s individual needs.
* EVE-NEO always offers the best possible ventilation for little patients and supports their first steps into life.
* Compact, flexible, mobile: With its robust compact size, functional design and weighing ~5.7 kg.
EVE-NEO is optimally suited for mobile use and works with all power supplies and connected virtually anywhere from ambulance vehicles to helicopters or onto emergency NTG pods by means of its versatile mounting system
* State-of-the-art Ventilation and Sensor Technology: Basic ventilation modes can be combined with additional options, such as PRVC, PSV and tube compensation, ensuring optimal supply for the little patients.
* EVE-NEO offers a variety of different breathing maneuvers including the increasingly important high flow therapy.
* Easy & intuitive operation
* Intuitive operational interface via the high definition 8.4 inch TFT full colour touch screen and rotating knob.
* EVE-NEO ensures rapid deployment and delivers detailed monitoring, configurable displays, alarms and with the benefit of loops, curves and trends.

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* Dimensions: 390 x 340 190 [w x h x d].
* Weight: ~5.7 kg.
* Mains: 100 - 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz.
* Battery: 24 V DC, 6 hours
* Battery life: 6 hours [with Hot swap battery back-up].
* TOUCH-TFT: 8.4 inch Colour Screen, Resolution 1024 x 786
* Interface: Ethernet, RS232, SD, Nurse call [EVE-IN] Bluetooth
* Respiratory rate: 1 to 150 bpm
* Optional values: EtC02, Sp02, Pulse, PI, PVI, Spmet, SpHB, SpC0, SP0C
* Respiratory rate: 1 to 150 bpm
* Ventilation modes Invasive and Non-invasive ventilation PC-CMV, PC-SIMV, PC-ACV, PC-ACV+, CPAP, CPAP backup, DUOPAP, 02 Therapy, nCPAP, nPC-CMV, nPC-SIMV, VC-CMV, VC-SIMV nDUOPAP, APRV1, 1[available 2018]
* Warranty: EVE ventilator [24 months]; consumables and disposables are sold with shelf-life
* Patient circuit: User selectable from approved circuits; Double hose, non re-breathing, with expiratory valve and flow sensor
* Tube Compensation: 0 to 100% >> Tube 2 to 12 mm.
* Trigger Flow: Expiratory Trigger: 0.2 to 15 l/min
* From 5 to 70% of inspiratory flow


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