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EtCO2 Module SideStream or Mainstream for Patient Monitor (Compatible to Respironics)

Quick Overview

* It is a kind of Low Flow Side stream Module
* New design is easier to match with monitor or anesthesia machine
* User just need to fix a 8-pin Lemo socket in the panel of the host, and connect the power of the host and dataline to an electrical outlet
* Design will make maintenance much convenient
* Output parameters include real time CO2 concentration, respiration rate, end-tidal CO2, inspired CO2, The C300 module includes a miniature CO2 sensor, barometric pressure transducer, sampling flow control and a miniature low-power vacuum pump
* Measure atmospheric pressure automatically, and has pressure compensated function
* Host sends commands and receives waveform, breath parameters and command responses on two asynchronous serial data lines (TTL or RS232 level)

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* <b>Transducer Type:</b> Low Flow Side stream CO2 module
* <b>Principle of Operation:</b> Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) single beam optics,dual wavelength, no moving parts
* <b>Initialization Time:</b> Capnogram displayed in less than 4 seconds at an ambient temperature of 25,full specifications within 2 minutes
* <b>CO2 Range:</b> 0% to 20%, 0 to 152 mmHg Barometric Pressure supplied by module itself
* <b>Rise Time:</b> 28 ms (typical) for detector, 200ms (typical) for system
* <b>CO2 Resolution:</b> 0.1 mmHg, 0 to 50 mmHg; 0.2 mmHg, 51 to 100 mmHg; 0.4mmHg, 101 to 152 mmHg
* <b>Breath Rate Range:</b> 2-150 BPM
* <b>Compensations:</b> Barometric Pressure auto compensated from 400 mmHg to 850 mmHg Operator selectable O2, N2O, HE and Agent compensation
* <b>Calibration:</b> No routine user calibration required. An offset calibration will run automatically when the ambient temperature is not stable
* Sampling line: Nasal sampling line or extension sampling line
* Water Separation: Gas dryer line
* <b>Power Consumption:</b> 500mW (typical with pump on), 1600mW (extreme status)
* <b>Warm-up Time:</b> 10 seconds
* <b>Interface:</b> Highly configurable serial digital interface(TTL/RS232), CO2 and barometric waveform data, Breath Detect Algorithm data
* <b>Pneumatics:</b> On-board aspiration pump and flow controller
* <b>Temperature and Humidity:</b> Operating: 0 to 50, 10 to 90% RH, non-condensing ,Storage: -40 to 70, <90% RH, non-condensing
* <b>Weight:</b> < 98 grams
* <b>Interconnection:</b> Standard Lemo Redel 8-pin plastic Material PSU Pin out: 1 VA 5.0V;2 Shield Shield;3 DGND Digital return; 4 VA 5.0V; 5 TxD Serial data from the Module;6 RxD Serial data from Host;7 AGND Analog return;8 NC
* <b>Interconnection:</b> Standard Lemo Redel 8-pin plastic Material PSU, Pin out:1 VA 5.0V; 2 Shield Shield; 3 DGND Digital return; 4 VA 5.0V; 5 TxD Serial data from the Module; 6 RxD Serial data from Host;7 AGND Analog return; 8 NC


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