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Equinox Personal Weighing Scale-Mechanical EQ-BR-9705


Quick Overview

• Capacity - 120 Kgs
• Accurate readings
• Durable construction
• Easy to read
• Comes with Zero Adjuster
• Longer shelf life
• Easy to operate and reliable results
GMDN: 38211
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• Equinox's range of weighing scales are the best tool to monitor and measure your weight.
• Equinox's mechanical weighing scale EQ-BR-9705 is designed with a durable construction and has the capacity to withstand a maximum of 120 kilograms.
• The weighing scale has a zero adjuster, we need to set zero before taking the weight.
• One has to measure his/her weight without any movement while measuring.
• Please note:
- Do not forget to place the weighing scale on a flat surface to measure accurate weight
- It is advised to check your weight every day at the same time
- It is advised not to use the weighing scale right after workout or after any strenuous task
• Dimensions: 31.8 (L) X 27.3 (W) X 5.7 (H) cm.
• Weight: 1600 gm.


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