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Equinox Hot Water Bottle with Cover EQ-HT-01 C


Quick Overview

• Soft cover outside the hot water bag
• Leak Proof
• Durable
• Ideal for stomach & back aches, joint pain, muscular cramps, menstrual pain, muscle pull, arthiritic and rheumatic pain
• Ideal for Adults, Elderly, Athletes etc.

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• Hot Water Bottle with Cover
• Model No. : EQ-HT-01 C
• Brand: Equinox
• Equinox Hot Water Bottle (EQ-HT-01 C) is a very useful and multipurpose product.
• Heat therapy can help relieve pain in the affected region and bring relief.
• For usage, fill 2/3rd of the bottle with hot water and place it on the region of pain and the effect can be felt in minutes.
• This product treats muscular pain, induces relaxation, and releases stress.
• Note- Item will be shipped in any available color.
• Dimensions: 21.1 (L) X 35.2 (W) X 3.4 (H) cm.
• Weight: 359 gm.


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