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Equinox Digital Thermameter EQ-DT-60


Quick Overview

• HIGHLIGHTS: Results in 60 seconds and last reading recall
• USAGE: Easy-to-use
• Fever Alarm
• ACCURACY: Reliable and accurate results
• DISPLAY:LCD dislay
• MODE: Readings in both Celsius and Farheniet
• INDICATION: Low Battery Indicator
• CONTENTS: Thermometer, User Manual, Storage Case, Warranty Card

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• Digital Thermometer
• Model No. : EQ-DT-60
• Brand: Equinox
• Thermometer is an essential device used in every household.
• Equinox EQ-DT-60 Thermometer is an accurate and reliable device which is used to measure body temperature.
• Readings are displayed in 60 seconds in Celsius or Fahrenheit mode.
• Thermometer comes in a storage case and can be used very conveniently.
• Dimensions: 16.1 (L) x 4.4 (W) x 4.7 (H) cm.
• Weight: 30 gm


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