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Equinox Compressor Nebulizer Adult Kit EQ-KT-81

Quick Overview

• TUBE: 200 cm long tube to ensure continuous flow of medication
• MASK: Nebulizer mask made from Food Grade odour less PVC material
• DESIGN: Soft and appropriate large size of mask is designed in a way that it fits comfortably over face
• COMFORT: Comfortable Elastic strap is provided to position the mask properly
o Adult Mask
o Tube (200 cm)
o Medicine Chamber
o 5 Air Filters
• Please note the product is non-returnable once opened.
GMDN: 62042
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• Equinox compressor nebulizer kit EQ-KT-81 for adults offers comfort to all those affected by respiratory diseases and using nebulization for relief.
• The contents of the kit are manufactured in highest hygiene conditions and can be used in all nebulizers.
• Points to remember:
- Reusable mask, must only be hand washed.
- Replace contents every 6 months for hygiene purpose
• Dimensions: 15.1 (L) x 20.1 (B) x 3.2 (H) cm.
• Weight: 58 gm.


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