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Endosys Twin Compartment Scope Soak Kit 21-11025NA

Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • Endosys Soaking & Disinfection Trays is designed to store and carry the items.
Catalog Number 21-11025NA
Dimensions 25.50x12.00x5.50 Inch, 648x305x140 mm (LxWxD)
GMDN: 12143
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  • Molded basin/cover designed specifically for endoscopic instruments
  • High-grade plastic trays are compatible with all types are compatible with all types of disinfectants
  • Inert to all types of chemicals and safe for longer durations of soaking
  • Accommodates all types of rigid and semi-rigid instruments
  • Lightweight construct enables shifting inside the OR at ease
  • Double compartment soaking accommodate saline and disinfectant in the single tray and thus avoids spillage of liquids and sloppage of instruments
  • Twin compartment scope soak kit


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