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Endosys Multispeciality Trays 19-12075

Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • Endosys Multispeciality Trays are used for supporting and protecting small instruments.
Catalog Number 19-12075
Dimensions 11.25x7.25x1.25 inch, 286x184x32 mm (LxWxD)
GMDN: 12143
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  • Sterman - neuro aneurysm clip tray with 14 cavities and 1 cavity for clip applicator
  • Trays may be customized to adapt to a wide variety of individualized configurations
  • Trays are manufactured with state-of-the-art durable medical-grade plastics
  • Design to ensure proper penetration of steam and other sterilizing agents under the mat
  • Highly durable plastic sterilization tray designed to protect delicate instruments during washing, sterilization & storage
  • Slots in lid and base facilitate the circulation of steam and aid in the drying process
  • Transparent lid allows for easy viewing of contents
  • Silicone pin mats


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