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Endosys Large Microsurgical Double Compartment Trays 19-12002

Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • Endosys Large Microsurgical Double Compartment Trays are used for supporting and protecting instruments during microsurgery.
Catalog Number 19-12002
Dimensions 14.00x10.00x4.00 inch, 356x254x102 mm (LxWxD)
GMDN: 12143
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  • Ensures proper penetration of steam and other sterilizing agents under the mat
  • Trays are High heat resistant and chemically resistant and are compatible with steam sterilization, ethylene oxide sterilization, cold disinfectant sterilization & gas plasma sterilization
  • Useful in orthopedics, neurosurgery, gynec, plastic and vascular surgery, cardiovascular & thoracic surgery, general surgery, urology & other departments
  • Available in many sizes & can be used alone or stacked in a base tray in many different combinations, allowing you to organize instrument sets as per the procedure/departments, with practical and protective layers
  • Designed to protect the aesthetics of the operation theatre and give ease of handling
  • CareKIT - small tray bottom- with lid


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