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Emtek Floor Type High Volume Blood Bank Refrigerated Centrifuge FTBC 6100 R

Quick Overview

• Floor Type High Volume Blood Bank Refrigerated Centrifuge, is heavy duty floor model unit suitable for varying centrifuge application in Blood banks, Clinical Laboratories.
• Chemical & Pharmaceutical industries and Research Institutions.
• This versatile unit has a speed ranges up to 5000 RPM with stainless steel top and metal lid.
• The Centrifuge chamber is made of stainless steel and is effectively insulated and separated from other parts.
• The Centrifuge is provided with CFC free cooling system.
• The unit is provided with control panel comprising
• autovriac speed control, digital speed indicator, zero start interlock, lid locking switch and unbalance safety cut off, with alarm at automatic switching off, dynamic brake, digital temp. control cum indicator with a range of -10°C to 40°C (working temperature - 2°C to 40°C)

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• Max. Speed: 5000RPM
• Max. RCF. : 6150Xg
• Max. Capacity : 400ml
• Lowest Chamber Temp : -5°c
• Width : 840mm
• Depth : 970mm
• Height : 940mm
• Weight : 390Kg
• Connected Load : 4KVA


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