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Embolectomy Catheter 4F 80cm - EL1480 (VP CAP)

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Features :
* Biosensor Embolectomy Catheters Offer simple, rapid removal of emboli from the arterial system.
* Proprietary *Low - Profile* winding technique for balloon attachment insures balloon symmetry, providing uniform contact with vessel walls.
* Soft, rounded tip promotes easy arterial insertion for reduced trauma, arteriopuncture and plaque avulsion.
* Flexible polyvinylchloride body with *workhorse* latex balloon.
* Winged hub for easy catheter manipulation during insertion And attachment of balloon inflection syringe.
* Size and balloon inflation capacity printed on proximal end for Convenient and rapid identification.
* Size Available : 4 Fr.

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Specifications :
* Embolectomy Catheter 4F 80cm - EL1480 (VP CAP)


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