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Electro Surgical Unit 400 watt one unit

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Feature :
* New micro controller based electro surgical units are available with outstanding performance of monopolar (cut & coag )& Bipolar
* In many types of surgery where high precisions & reliability are essential microcontroller control provides the safety & performance during surgery
* These units have pure cut are exceptionally smooth &start promptly even in irrigated procedure
* The blend gives a good hemostasis effect than cutting &spray coagulation which rivals the best spark gap generators & with minimum cutting effect .
* The isolated bipolar output ,which has a non sparking characteristics ,is deal for microsurgery ,neurosurgery ,laparoscopy & other Application.

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Technical Specification:
* Display :7 Segment Led
* Dimension:290mm*105mm*260mm
* Weight:4 kg
* Keyboard: Feathertouch
* Input Supply Voltage: 230VAC +15% @ 50/60 HZ


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