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Electro Hydraulic Operating Table

Quick Overview

Features :
* Five section eccentrically positioned Radio-Translucent Table Top for C-Arm Imaging.
* Height adjustment, Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelenburg Lateral Tilt and Back Section controlled by handheldremote.
* Powered movements actuated by an Electro-Hydraulic table.
* Removable and Interchangeable Head and Leg section for various surgical procedures.
* Gear operated built in Kidney Elevator.
o Table Top Slide
o Manual Override System
o Battery Backup

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Specification :
* C-Arm Compatible Electro Hydraulic Operating Table Suitable for
o Cardio thoracic Orthopaedics.
o Neurosurgery Urology
o Gynaecology Laparoscopy
o Ophthalmology Cardiac Imaging
o Cervical Angiography ERCP
o Vascular imaging


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