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ECG Machine 12 Channel SMECG 411

Quick Overview

* Simultaneous acqusition of 12 lead ECG data,Real time
* recording and printing
* Graphic display of 12 lead ECG waveform
* Built in analysis software of age whichassures
* accurate analysis results
* Auto measurement,interpretation,playback and storage of data
* RS232 and USB interface cope with data share or remote data
* optional wireless function , User friendly built in HELP function
* 0 Literal and graphic interface with powerfull filters to minimize inerferer
* Heart rate measurement and pace maker protection
* multi printing formats manual/automatic,standard 12 channel,3 channel phis 3 rhythem lead,6 channel plus rhythem lead,60s.
* AC/DC or inbuilt lithium battery power supply(with alarm)
* Comfort and durability contributed by silicon gel keypad
* Tremendous ECG data can be saved in built in SD card and 210mm× 20mm paper
GMDN: 41651
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ECG Machine 12 Channel SMECG 411


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