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Ease Electrosurgical Generator Monoseal Prime

Quick Overview

* Programmable 400W digital cautery with 150W vessel sealing system

• We manufacture Monoseal Prime Vessel Sealing Systems, made using high grade and long performing components.
• Our vessel sealing systems provide special benefits not achieved by other electrosurgical instruments.
• Ease's monoseal is the most versatile electro surgical generator with added feature of vessel sealing systems.
• It offers features and performance never before available in a single generator.
• This is technology which is different from conventional diathermy & provides a unique combination of pressure & energy to create vessel fusion & permanently fuses vessels upto % including 7mm in diameter & tissue bundles, without dissection or isolation.
• An optimized combination of pressure & energy creates the seal by melting the collagen & elastin in the vessel wall & reforming it in to a permanent, plastic like seal & result in virtually no sticking or charring.
• Feedback controlled response system automatically discontinues energy delivery when the seal cycle is complete.
GMDN: 11490
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• Warranty 1 year


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