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Elite Dialyzer Preprocessor Machine NEPHROTON (Two Station)

Quick Overview

* High Speed Reprocessing.
* Quality Checks.
* Sanitization Machine.
* High Definition User Experience.
* Ultra Hygienic.
* Print & Email Reports over WiFi.
* Bar code Scan - Optional.
* Error Status and Alarm.
* Easy Calibration Methods.
* Operating Over Bluetooth.
* CE & ISO Certificates.
GMDN: 58131
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* Dimension: 20 X16 X12 Polypropylene (PP) body to avoid electrical hazards
* Weight: 18kgs
* Water: Supply-20 to 30 PSI (min) 55 PSI (max), R.O water, Consumption  10 Liter/cycle for two units of dialyzers .max drain height  1 meter to ground level.
* Electrical Data: Power Supply 110/230VAC, 50/60 Hz, Current consumption-max 8A.In-built Tablet USB charger included.
* External Connection: Water inlet, Chemical inlet, Drain outlet.
* Disinfectant: Chemical- cold Sterillant, Citric acid, Bleach
* Alarm : High Sound Buzzer with error display for following:
-High and Low water pressure
-No disinfectant
-High and Low Chemical concentration
-TBV Fail
-Blood Leak test Fail
-Port check Failures


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