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DynaLED hand piece from NSK

Quick Overview

Features :
* Clean head system (NSK handpieces): is a special mechanism designed to automatically prevent entry of oral fluids & other contaminants into the handpiece head, prolonging the life of bearings
* Integrated Shaft Bearings for smooth & quiet long dental procedures ensures consistent cutting
* Dual Air jet: generates high power by propelling the turbine blades to achieve more rotating momentum
* Quattro water spray - which cools effectively the entire operating field
* Cellular glass optics- this rod delivers light in oral cavity exactly where needed
* Ceramic Bearings Quieter Operation & Longer Life

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Specifications :
* NSK DynaLED Turbine handpieces are produced by NSK micro precision engineering resulting in high performance and long term reliability.
* These innovative Turbines include a dynamic integrated mini power generator which delivers long life, daylight quality LED illumination when connected to any standard non-optic air tubing.
* Clinicians can instantly gain the advantage of LED illumination on their existing or new dental equipment, simply for the cost of the Turbine.
* NSK has chosen stainless steel for DynaLED Turbines as a high priority for durability and stable, long-term function.


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