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Durr Dental Vista Cam iX (Camera only)

Quick Overview

* Intraoral camera with interchangeable head system, autofocus and real HD image quality.
* Brilliant HD image quality even in video mode
* Autofocus for intraoral, extraoral and macro images
* Software analysis to detect caries lesions and to visualise plaque by using the fluorescence effect
* Support for diagnosing approximal caries without exposure to radiation, thanks to infrared technology
Shelf Life: 2+1 year
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* Connections : USB 2.0
* Freeze frame module via PC/Laptop
* Multi-user application Plug&Play, cable can be connected to handpiece
* Triggering/activation Handpiece (optional foot pedal)
* Handpiece length (mm) : 190
* Transmission path (2.5 m) USB 2.0, via cable


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