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Dr. Cure - Non Contact Infrared Thermometer


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Features :
* Handle with care:
* The protective lens of probe is the most damageable part of the infrared thermoscope.
* Hence it must be taken good care.
* Cleaning method of probe lens: use the cotton bud or soft cloth with water or alcohol to
* wipe the lens lightly.
* never charge the batteries or throw any of them into fire. Please discard the used batteries at a specified location for recycle. Using the batteries with a bad quality may cause fire or explosion.
* When the product is not used for a long time, the batteries shall be removed.
* The product may not be immersed into water or exposed to the sun directly.
* Never hard throw or impact the product. Otherwise, it will be damaged .
* If the measurement is made without an effective distance or an alignment with the central position of the measured object, a deviation from actual temperature may be caused. It is suggested to repeat the measurement once or more at same positions

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Specifications :
* Dr. Cure Non Contact Infrared Thermometer


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