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Doctroid Wall Mount Radient Heat Warmer


Quick Overview

Features : * Manual Mode: Facility of converting the warmer from servo mode to manual mode
* for non-stop working. The heat in the manual mode is locked at 50% to
* give more protection for the baby.

* Heater Assembly
* The Heater assembly located above the center of the support
* structure consists of radiant heater and reflector with inbuilt
* halogen examination lamp for assessment of Infant color.
* The heater can be swivelled to either direction.

* Baby Bed

* The attached spacious baby bed incorporates easy drop down glasses
* for maximum access to the patient.

* Castors
o The system is fitted with 2* high quality castors having brakes in front 2 castors.
* Antistatic castors can be fitted as on option for further safety in lieu of the standard castors.
* Dimensions(Approx.)
o Technical Specification
* Height- 1920mm
o Length- 890mm
* Width- 860mm
GMDN: 17433
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Specification : * Electrical Specifications

o Power Supply 220V/50Hz
* Heater Power 650 Watts
* Fuse 5 Amp
o 2 Trays below the baby bed for keeping consumables.
* 2 Drawers fitted below the baby bed.


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