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Doctroid Radiant Heat Warmer Fix Cradle Dual Sensor

Quick Overview

• Micro Controller Based Temperature Controlling
• Provides Thermal regulation with highest degree of accuracy
• User friendly features and control panel, Easy to operate
• Consists of Ceramic infrared Heater with higher power output and more durability than any tubular silicon quarts glass heaters. The source box can be swivelled to take x-ray
• LED Examination Lamp Provides accurate assessments of infant color and sufficient illumination during procedures
• Baby Tray Clear acrylic collapsible side panels to assess an infant from all sides.Acrylic with cushion Mattress
Types of Temp. Controllers:
• Skin: Automatic maintain temperature and control Heater with power saving functionality
• Manual: Use for Pre warm baby, Directly control and user adjustable Heater power
• Seven segment display for skin Temperature and Set Temperature
• LCD display for Time, Mode and Alarm
• Power Failure indication LED
• Mute indication LED
• Provided IV stand and patient Monitor stand

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Physical Dimension:
• Height: 176 cm
• Width: 64 cm
• Length: 95 cm
• Bed Size: 51 cm * 76 cm
• Heater Rotation: +/- 90° rotation to the side
• Bed Height: 85 cm
• Heater Unit Height: 168 cm
System Characteristics:
• Heater output: 0-600 W
• Control System: Micro controller based smart system
• Skin mode: Set temperature range +32° C to +37° C with 0.1° C increments
• Manual Mode: Set heater Power in 5 stages, increments of 20%
• Temperature Measurement Accuracy: +/- 0.5° C at 30°C to 40° C
• Temperature Display Accuracy: 0.3° C
• Temperature Probe Accuracy 0.5° C
Environmental Requirements:
• Operating temperature: +18 °C to +30° C
• Storage temperature: -40° C to + 70° C
• Operating Humidity: 30 to 70% RH
• Storage Humidity: 20 to 90% RH
Power specification:
• Power Requirements: 230V +/-10%, 50-60Hz
• Power Consumption: 600W max


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