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Doctroid LED Photo Therapy Under Surface


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Features : * 12 High power LED provides to cover the bed area and for effective Phototherapy treatment
* No ultraviolet rays ensure minimize the UV exposure
* No infrared rays ensure minimize the water loss
* Convenient Tilting of Source Unit, Height Adjustment with Single hand and Castor with elegant
* maneuvering helps to place the system at different positions, at user convenience
* Lamp usages hours greater than 45,000 hours ensures no need of frequent change of lamp
* Power LED's emitting blue light in 450- 470 nm.
GMDN: 35239
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Specification : * High Intensity LED ~ 75µW / cm² / nm.
* Compact and sleek
* Height-adjustable and tiltable light unit
* Digital Time totaller for LED usage and therapy time
* With adjustable intensity (High, Medium & Low)


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