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DOCTORTECH Combi (US + 2channel tens)

Quick Overview

Features :

Input Voltage: 220v Ac/500 Hz

Frequency: 1 MHz.

Output Mode: Continuous / Pulse

Pulse Ratio: 1: 1, 1:4, 1:7, 1:9

Power Output: 3.0w/ cm2 maximum

Treatment timer: 020 timer

Weight: 2.5 Kgs approx*

Model: pcd 108 (compact)

Power Fuse: 1amp

Dimension (L.B.H.): 8* x9*x3*

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Specifications :

This unit is fully micro processor based, light weighted, compact, easily carrible

Silent Features of this Unit:

Solid state digital high frequency generation.

Ergonomic applicator

Operating System analogue

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