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Doctoroid Silicon resuscitator

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Features : * The Laerdal Silicone Resuscitator consists of 5 main parts. A see through silicone mask, with a multi-function mask cover enables the user to see lip color, secretion, vomit and fogging caused by exhalations during ventilation.
* The one-way patient valve allows air to flow to the patient, without air from the patient reentering the ventilation bag.
* The swivel connector allows for more flexibility and enables the provider to ventilate in various positions. *
* The see- through silicone Ventilation Bag provides excellent re-expansion, while giving the user a strong feel for lung compliance to reduce the risk of over-inflation.
* The integrated intake and reservoir valve can be connected to an external oxygen supply when needed.
* The oxygen can then be stored in the oxygen reservoir bag connected to the valve.

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Specification : The Laerdal Silicone Resuscitator (LSR) enables medical personnel to facilitate assisted ventilation of patients in pre-hospital, in-hospital and post-hospital care. The LSR comes in adult, pediatric and preterm sizes.

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