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Doctoroid Redient heat warmer fix trolley and dual sensor

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Features : * Stand mounted on 4 swivel castors (50mm) - 2 castors with brake
* Side tray for monitor and infusion rod for syringe pump/SS IV rod
* FR grade moulded swivelling hood suspended above the table integrates heating element and overhead light
* Heating element  Ceramic heater (650 W) with parabolic reflector, protected by metallic grid
* Trolley: Mounted on 4 swivel castors (100mm) - 2 castors with brake
* Baby tray with mattress along with bed tilting mechanism and X-ray cassette holder
* Mattress density approx. 21-25 kg/m3 and removable washable water proof cover
* 6mm thick transparent polycarbonate collapsible and lockable side panel
* 2 shelves below baby bed for under surface Phototherapy and storage
GMDN: 17433
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Specification : * Easy to use
* Rugged design
* High functionality


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