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Doctroid Infant Vein Finder(Tourch Type O Shape)


Quick Overview

Features :
* Accords with human body engineering, more comfortable grip
* O-Shaped design and one super bright Light Emitting Diode(LED), in one color
* Superficial veins can be seen and accessed anywhere on the body.
* Successfully Vein Find *LED* device with Rechargeable Battery
* Excellent finish, Safe to use
* Vein viewer is such useful device for nurses and doctors, which is designed to help healthcare practitioners find veins quickly and clearly.
GMDN: 48040
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Specification : It Has Below Features:
* Adjustable Light, wide application range;
* Rechargeable lithium battery;
* Small in size, light in weight, easy to carry;
* Medical cold light, no radiation, safe and reliable;
* Sensitive switch, clear vein and power saving;


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