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Doctoroid heat warmer with trolley with skin probe

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Features : * Technology : Micro Processor Based Servo Controlled Electronic Controller
* Mode : Skin /Air and Manual Control With LCD Screen
* Display : Two Bright Digital Displays combination of RED and GREEN continues Monitoring of Baby Temp and Set Temp, Set temp easily switchable to centigrade to Fahrenheit
* LCD Display : bright Backlight LCD Screen with Full Information along with Alarm Indication massages
* Safety Independent Hi Temp sensor for Hi Temp Cut off at 39 degree
* Alarms-Audio and Visual Indications for Baby Probe Failure, Air Probe Failure, 1 degree high, 1 degree low, Hi temp Cut off and Power Fail indication
* Examination latest Power Saving LED Lamp For Procedures
* Heater German Make Ceramic Heater With parabolic reflector to maintain uniform Temp across the mattress with swiveling source Box easy to take x-ray and Procedures
* Photo therapy - latest high bright Super Flux LED Top Surface Phototherapy with Digital timer for Total lamp usage and patient exposure with programmable auto Switch off
GMDN: 17433
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Specification : * Monitor Tray For keeping patient monitor or puls oximeter
* I V Stand-Side IV Pole to Mount Multiple Syringe or Infusion Pumps with Adjustable Stainless steel IV Inner
* Bottom Tray To keep Resuscitation items or Under surface Photo therapy
* Base Mounted on Imported anti-skid Casters with locking Facility
* Optional s Storage box / Pulse oximeter / under surface photo therapy unit


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