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Albio Scar Reduction Gel Sheet for Scars 2.5 cm x 30 cm Scars Fades Away (2)

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* Easy to Use. Cut according to your requirement. Can be used both side. Self Adhesive
* Albio magic touch Scar Reduction Sheets acts as natural skin touch barrier moistened the skin and its significant elastomeric massaging impact led to fading of Scars. It fastened the natural healing process by oxygenation coupled with continuous compression.
* This Gel technology is extremely useful in both reducing visibility of existing scars as well as prevention of progressive scarring.
* This latex and silicone free hypoallergenic non-sterile technology is applicable for external use only and prohibited for open wounds. In case of rash or allergic reactions, discontinue use and consult your physician.
* Optimum Recovery period is 8 to 12 weeks based on scar size. Remove it in every 12 hours and wash your scar with natural soap.

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* Skin is an important barrier for the human body.
* All kinds of operations, traumas, burns and dermatitis will all lead to skin damage and breakage.
* During the skin wound healing process, the body will release a protein called collagen for wound repair.
* When the skin damage comes to a certain extent, collagen synthesis and metabolism will be out of normal control but in hyperactively excessive collagen exudation instead, resulting in excessive proliferation of collagen fibers and thus forming a scar on the wound healing part.
* The scar extrudes from the normal skin in irregular shape and by form of red and hard benigh lumps and even with contracture, itching or pain.
* In case excessive growth, the scar might affect the appearance or lead to dysfunction or even cancer.
* Structure of the Albio Gel Scar Therapy Patch packed safely in Bubble Bag.
* Keep it away from the excessive Heat.

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