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Every surgical suite requires some basic tools and equipment at their beck and call at all times. Medical disposable products are consumables such as gloves, needles, gowns, syringes, masks, cotton, gauze, etc. that are essential for the prevention of diseases and infections contracted from hospitals. Doctors who work beyond borders, in under-developed countries, can only fight diseases if they use proper one-time consumables to prevent the transfer of viruses. Disposable products are pre-sterilized; therefore they can be used right out of the box.

There has been a surge in the demand for disposable and one-time use products due to its awareness and increase in medical care facilities. Hence, we at MedikaBazaar have made it our mission to provide our buyers with all products at their disposal. You can either buy medical disposables online on our website or contact us directly.

We offer a plethora of surgical disposable products that are safe to use and available at competitive prices. Our products are of international standards and FDA approved.

Disposable Face Masks

You can buy high-quality disposable masks on our website. Our inventory consists of a large variety of masks, including but not limited to oxygen masks, nebulizer masks, venturi masks, etc. We offer anti-fog face masks that prevent fog formation on eyeglasses. The spread of common diseases can be prevented just by the use of masks, as they prevent inhalation of harmful fumes and pathogens present in the air.

Disposable Gloves

We offer a vast variety of disposable gloves, such as surgical, nitrile, and plastic gloves. Gloves offer protection against bodily fluids, mucous, dead skin, etc. during an examination, thereby reducing chances of contracting diseases. Nitrile gloves have rubber-like properties, and thus, are a great alternative for people with latex allergies. Buy disposable gloves online on MedikaBazaar and get the best prices in the market.

Surgical Apparel

We offer surgical gowns, caps, and other accessories that prevent transmission of microorganisms from healthcare personnel to patients and vice-versa. In combination with gloves and masks, surgical apparel gives full body protection against pathogens. Be sure to check our range.

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