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Disinfection System (DIS) for external hand pieces

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Features :
* Purchasing a handpiece maintenance system can be a valuable asset to protect your dental equipment.
* Most handpiece maintenance systems hold three to four dental handpieces.
* These maintenance systems extend the life of your dental handpieces. Cleaning solution is sent through air and water lines, purging the dental handpieces of excess fluid and debris.
* Lubricating and service oil is also sent through rotating components of handpieces.
* These handpiece maintenance systems keep your dental hygienist handpieces performing at optimum performance.
* Cycle time varies per handpiece maintenance system but averages 15-45 seconds per handpiece.
* This can save your practice valuable time and ensure precise cleaning and servicing of all dental handpieces.

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Specifications :
* Disinfection System (DIS) for external hand pieces


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