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DigiVac ( E Vac System )

Quick Overview

* Continuous, intermittent mode
* On-off time settable .
* Max negative pressure settable upto 300mmHg
* Open cell porous structure foam to assist tissue granulation
* Indication for tube blockage
* Can accept different type of dressing
* Continuous and bright display for negative pressure set pressure and time
* LED indicator For vaccume on and vaccume off

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Instructions for digivac dressing :
* Gently place the foam inside the wound cavity ,covering the entire wound area
* Now accordingly out the size of drape and trim it to cover an area around the wound
* Large enough to secure the foam and to maintain an airtight seal
* Excess drapes can be used to patch air leaks
* Make a hole in drape and apply the cap with the tubing
* Ensure that the hole matches with opening of suction cap to allow vaccum to be build up


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