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Digital Tourniquet 210D

Quick Overview

Technical specification:
* Cuff pressure range : 10 to 450 mm Hg
* Pressure regulation:±10mm Hg of Set point
* Timer :Range from 9hrs to 59mins
* Internal least counter :timer 1 min/internal 1/1000sec
* Alarm :audible on timer equaling 1st value
* Memory :pressure set in earlier session is stored and displayed when the machine is switched on again
* Pressure regulation:maintains set pressure under leak conditions
* Power: 230V(AC)/50Mz±10% can work on generator and does not require stabilizer.
* stabilizer :inbuilt

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* Fully automatic Pressure maintaining system
* Fully automatic to perform double cuff procedure as well as IVRA Procedure.
* The cuff pressure doesn t release on power failure
* Independent channel operation for proximal as well as Distal side cuff
* Quick pressurization cuff
* Continuous and bright display of cuff pressure ,set pressure and set time and actual time
* Auto & Manual pressure Setting facility
* Auto & Manual deflate setting facility
* Online increase in desire cuff pressure is possible
* Time out alarm setting facility
* Set value of cuff deflation during programmed timing is also possible
* Independent elapsed time display for both the channels
* Battery backup for 3 hours
* Battery charging level indication with battery charging management system


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