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DIALIFE Dialysis Machine - DIADVANCE

Quick Overview

Features :
The DIADVANCE Series dialysis machines offer safety and reliability, with minimal maintenance requirements and a broad array of functional options including:
•Double needle dialysis
•Single needle dialysis (two pumps)
•Sequential dialysis
•Acetate dialysis
•Bicarbonate dialysis solution
•Bicarbonate dialysis powder
•Profiling: - Sodium Bicarbonate - Ultrafiltration
•Hemodiafiltrattion on-line
•Without bi carbonate connection
•Without Blood Pressure Monitoring System
GMDN: 58131
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Specifications :
•Dialife is pleased to introduce the DIADVANCE Series line of dialysis machines.
•With state-of-the-art technology, yet simple and easy to use, the DIADVANCE dialysis monitors represent a step forward for Dialife.


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