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Diadent Dia-PT Files Rotary Files

Quick Overview

Features :
* With progressive taper design and superior cutting efficiency, the NEW Dia-PT Rotary Files offer high flexibility, precision, safety and successful clinical results.
* Designed to instrument calcified or severely curved canals, the file s stronger and sharper blades enable the file to move deeper into the canal; yet, the triangular cross section reduces contact with the canal wall.
* Dia-PT File s high flexibility reduces user fatigue and increases safety.
* Use Dia-ProT Gutta Percha and Paper Points for a perfect match!

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Specifications :

* Superior Cutting Efficiency
* Sharp and strong blade construction to help file move deep into the canal
* Triangular cross section reduces contact with the canal wall
* Designed to instrument calcified or severely curved canals
* High Flexibility
* Progressive taper design increases flexibility and efficiency
* High corrosion resistance with coated surface
* Premium nickel titanium material
* Highly Integrable
* Designed to work interchangeably with your current technique
and system
* Perfect matching GP and PP points: Dia-ProTTM
* * Recommended Speed : 250~350 rpm
* Recommended Torque : 2~3 Ncm


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