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Dentsply Protaper Gold F1 25mm Blister Of 6 Sterile - (A0411225G0103)

Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • Dentsply Protaper Gold is designed to be used with the same familiar outstroke brushing technique.
Product Code A0411225G0103
Size 25 mm

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  • Treatment files are NiTi endodontic shaping instruments with advanced gold metallurgy that provides greater flexibility and increased resistance to cyclic fatigue
  • Same protaper universal winning technique, with greater flexibility:
  • Same instrument sequence as protaper universal
  • Creating the same predictable protaper shapes
  • Only 4 instruments needed in most cases
  • Greater flexibility start to finish, including on the larger F3 files for example
  • Efficient debris removal due to the unique multiple taper design of the instruments
  • High cutting efficiency
  • Gold wire technology:
  • Protaper gold provides more than twice the resistance to cyclic fatigue as protaper universal and that's an important advantage since cyclic fatigue is the leading cause of file separation
  • Protaper gold shaping files are designed to be used with the same familiar outstroke brushing technique and the finishing files are more flexible so you can shape and finish each canal with a complete system approach
  • Protaper legacy continues with protaper gold


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