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Dental Hand Use Niti Rotary Taper File Assorted 25 Mm Preorder

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Features :

* The system is comprised of three shaping (SX, S1 and S2) and three finishing (Fl, F2 and F3) files.
* A maxillary second molar and a mandibular second premolar were shaped with these files, and smooth uniformly tapered canals were created more easily than with stainless steel hand files.
* During use of NiTi rotary files, it is necessary to consider their potential for breakage.
* In order to prevent breakage, these files have a unique design, including multiple tapers, a convex triangular cross-section, a continuously changing pitch and helical angle, and a modified guiding tip.
* Furthermore, the files are combined with an EndoTecnika motor, programmed to allow torque selection for each file, which increases safety.
* Consequently, it is believed that the system is very useful in preparing root canal treatment.

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* Dental Hand Use Niti Rotary Taper File Assorted 25 Mm Preorder


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