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Defibtech Lifeline PRO Semi-Automatic Defibrillator with Manual Override DCF-E2410

Quick Overview

• Meet the AED that’s taking the Lifeline family to a whole new level. The Lifeline VIEW family of defibrillators are the first and only AEDs with video in full-motion color. The Lifeline PRO takes this revolutionary AED to a whole new level by offering professional responders a fully manual mode that displays the ECG and allows total control of shock energy and delivery in addition to an AED mode that gives step-by-step instructions for performing CPR, rescue breathing and external defibrillation.
• And the Lifeline PRO’s versatility doesn’t stop there. Real Time Protocol Selection enables you to switch rescue protocols without skipping a beat, giving you the comfort and confidence to deliver emer-gency care your way. As protocols change over time, your unit can be upgraded in the field in minutes.
• Defibtech has drawn accolades for saving lives by producing the best AEDs
• medical technology can offer and currently has over 160,000 units in the field. With award-winning design, durability, and easy maintenance — backed by the Defibtech commitment to innovation and excellence — we can guarantee that you’ve never seen an AED like this before.

Technical specification:
Operating Modes:
• AED Mode: High resolution video display( animated instructions and CPR coating ).
• ECG Monitor Mode : Display ECG data and event information( with 3-lead electrodes ).
• Manual Mode : Display ECG data and event information and defibrillation energy selection from 25-200 Joules with charge. Shock and disarm control.
• Type: Semi-Automatic external defibrillator
• Model : DDU-2400
• Waveform: Impedance Compensated Biphasic Truncated Exponential
• Energy :
- AED Mode :
• Adult:150 Joules/ Infant : 50 Joules
- Manual Mode :
• Adult: User selectable from 25-200 Joules
• Child/ Infant : User selectable from 25-100 Joules (50 Joules only when using DDP-2002 attenuating defibrillation pads)
• Charge Time:
• AED Mode: 4 seconds or less( from shock advised)
• Manual Mode: 9 seconds or less(150 Joules )
• 12 seconds or less (200 Joules)
• Controls : Lighted On/Off button
Lighted Shock button
• Display: High - resolution color LCD
• Video Prompts : Full motion video On-screen text prompts
• CPR Coaching: Video and voice coating On-demand video help
• Voice Prompt : Extensive voice prompts guide user through operation of the unit
• Rescue Protocol: AHA/ERC 2010
Support protocol updates by the user ( password protected )
GMDN: 48045
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Self Tests: • Model : -Adult: DDp-2001 -Child/ Infant: DDP-2002 and DDP-2003 • Surface Area: - Adult: 77cm - Child/ Infant : 50cm • Type: Pre-connected, single-use, non-polarized, disposable, self-adhesive electrodes with cable connector. Environmental: • Temperature: Operating: 0 to 50° C(32 to 122°F) Standby:0 to 50°C(32 to 122°F) • Relative Humidity: Operating / Standby : 5%-95% (non-condensing ) 95% ( non-condensing ) • Altitude: -500 to 15,000 ft (-150 to 4500 m) per MIL-STD-810F 500.4 Procedure II • Vibration: Ground ( MIL-STD-810F 514.5 Category 20) Helicopter (RTCA/Do-160D, Section 8.8.2, Cat R. Zone 2, Curve G ) Jet Aircraft ( RTCA/Do-160D Section 8.Cat H, Zone 2 , Curves B & R ) • Shock/ Drop Abuse Tolerance: MIL-StD-810F 516.5 Procedure IV 48 inches (1.2 meters), any edge, comer, or surface, in standby mode. • Crush Test: 1,000 ponds (450kg) • Sealing/Water Resistance: IEC60529 class IP55;Dust protected ; Protected against water jets ( battery pack installed) • ESD: IEC 60601-4-2: (Open air up to 15kV or direct contact up to 8kV ) • EMC(Emission ): CISPR 11 Group 1 Level B and FCC Part 15 • EMC(Immunity): IEC 61000-4-3 and IEC 61000-4-8 Event Documentation: • Internal Event Record: Critical ECG segments and rescue event parameters are recorded( greater than 60 minutes ) and can be downloaded to a removable data card


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    Worth the PRICE!
    Review by THOMAS / (Posted on 5/17/2017)
    A total value for money product one should invest money in it.
    thank you medikabazaar
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