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DCI light with Innova Pad and Innova Gold

Quick Overview

Featues :
* Seamless & soft upholstery for patient comfort
* Synchronized movement of seat &Backrest
* Adopt ABS engineering plasticsand the whole mold making
* Double articulated headrest forhandicapped & pediatric patients
* Right arm rotatable for easy entry & exist of the patient
* Touch free (sensor) operation ofLED Light with minimum intensity from 8,000- 25,000 Lux
Shelf Life: Not Applicable
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Specifications :
* 90-degree moveable water unit for 4-hand dentistry
* 3 customized programs withspitting, last working position & autoreturn to zero position
* One-piece PU base, perfectcombination of luxury andsteadiness
* All connections in the base of chair
* Durable & inbuilt footpaddle made of PU material with feather touch controlpanel on doctor side &assistant side
* When the handpiece isworking, dental chair will automatically keep locked to ensure the operation safety
* Safety with protection against any obstructionwhen chair goes down
* Stainless steel base doctorstool
* Stainless steel progressive foot control


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