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D4REVIVE Sacro-Lumbar Brace (Belt) Deluxe D4R-212

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Sacro-Lumbar Brace (Belt) Deluxe Application:
To provide uniform support to lower back section with rigid immobilization.

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Sacro-Lumbar Brace (Belt) Deluxe Features and benefits:
Two rigid pre contoured splints provide support to the weak back muscle.
Velcro closure for easy application & adjustment to comfort fit.
Belt is made of breathe able, high quality fabric & elastic.
Easy to apply, and easy to adjust different sizes as per users requirements.
Sacro-Lumbar Brace (Belt) Deluxe is beneficial for patients with lower back problems, degenerative disc problems,lumbosacral spondylolysis,osteoporotic pains of lumbar spines.

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