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Contemp 4 Ltr / hr water distillation with metal heater

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* Type :Water Distillation
* Capacity (Ltr/hour) :4 Ltr/hr
* Features : Conductivity: 3.0-4.0 µS/cm, pH: 5.5-6.0, Pyrogen Free Distillate Quality, With Metal Heater.

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It comprises of horizontal borosilicate glass boiler fitted with a 3 KW chromium plated immersion heater with cut-off, highly efficient coil condenser ensures a reliable output of single distillate. It is designed for easy usage, safe to operate and low cost. Abundant Output: The still provides 4 ltr/hr of distilled water which is ideal for General Laboratory use and is capable for producing pyrogen free distillate. Distillate temperature is approx. between 25º  40º C which is ensured by highly efficient condenser.


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