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Contec Fetal Monitor (8" Screen) CMS-800G1

Quick Overview

Features :
* Light dexterous appearance, tops horizontally and walls can be hoisted 8.0 *screen color LCD display, rotatable screen to 60°
* Display of the patient data and curve clearly
* FHA 120 BPM-160 BPM normal range label
* Manual records fetal movement
* Sound and color alarm for high and low fetal heart rate
* Continuous 24-hour real-time monitoring function
* Continuous 12-hour patient curve and data storage , playback and print With picture freeze function
* Optional English interface
* Single, Twins Monitoring optional
* 9 crystal board band pulsed wave transducer
* Extra-long life, high-resolution built-in thermal recorder
* Built-in communication port, can be connected with central monitoring system.

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Specifications :
* Contec Fetal Monitor (8* Screen)(with Toco, Ultrasonic & Marker Probe, Twin Baby Facility Available with Extra Probe) CMS-800G1


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