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Constant Temperature Transport Refrigerator

Quick Overview

Features :
• Its internal battery allows transport over 7 hours.
• Connected to an external power supply it can be used continuously as the RBC Products Refrigerator in hospital.
• The internal temperature can be recorded for a long time (For one month or longer continuously ) depending on the model.
• If the internal temperature exceeds the limit, An alarm is Issued.
• You can download temperature data to PC, and manage Excel files etc. with the attached Software.

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Specification :
• Product Name : Mobile Red Blood Cell product Refrigerator
• Model No : ATR705.
• Capicity : 5 Packs of RBC –LR 2 (10 U)
• Temperature Adjustment Method : Thermo electric Cooling
• Inside Temperature : 4.0 degC +2.0 degC.
• Dimension : W400*D250*H320mm (Outer Side ).
• Weight : 6.6kg (Main body).


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