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Combat BRS HIVEC Disposable Kit

Quick Overview

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Features :
• The COMBAT BRS delivers heated chemotherapy, HIVEC (Hyperthermic Intra-Vesical Chemotherapy),to optimize the chemotherapy treatment for NMIBC patients

• It is a closed, conductive, recirculation system with accurate temperature control that ensures homogeneous heated drug distribution

• It is the first system to allow the delivery of thermotherapy within the right parameters necessary to optimize the delivery of chemo-hyperthermia without compromising patient safety, comfort or increasing resources required

• Innovation :
- The Combat BRS System is an innovative and patented recirculation system for the delivery of HIVEC
- It uses an external dry conductive recirculation system.
- Its aluminum heat exchanger ensures efficient heat transfer and accurate temperature control within ± 0.5°C of the set temperature, whilst providing homogeneous drug and heat distribution throughout the bladder

• Combination :
- The Combat BRS System harnesses accurate and effective heat control and the proven synergistic effects of chemo-hyperthermia to target NMIBC
- The mutually enhancing effects of chemotherapy drugs and hyperthermia are widely used in treating several types of cancer including bladder cancer

• Integration :
- It is portable, robust and easy to use
- Simple to integrate into current treatment practice it requires minimal set up, no continuous monitoring and therefore minimal additional resources either physically, logistically or financially

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Specifications :
• Combat BRS HIVEC
• External dimensions: Height 400 mm, Width 250, mm Depth 255 mm
• Weight: 8 Kg plus optional portable stand

• Safety alarms:
- High & Low temperature alarms
- High pressure alarm
- Auto safety cut off
- End of treatment alarm & auto stop

• Electrical risk classification: Class I, Type B
• Fluid ingress protection: IPX2
• Function mode: Continuous delivery at set temperature between 41 – 44°C ± 0.5 °C
• Certification: UL 60601-1; IEC 60601-1-2; IEC 60601-2; EN 55011; CAN/CSA-C22.2; CE0086


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